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I love playing Assamites ,with the True Brujah  it's my favorite clan.

I like playing those Vampires because of their background , and for the unique combat style Quietus represents in the game. You  know ? blood ...

Let me tell you the story about this deck I'm going to share with you.

I was classifyng all my Assamites cards, and I found 3 Quietus, Assamites cards stared at me , they were just laying on a box... I looked at them, and I asked to my self " Why not make a deck with  one of this  ? "

The card I want to focus in this deck-building tech is Blood Tempering. The others we will discuss about them, one day shortly...

The Idea

The text card : 

Put this card on an equipment. This melee weapon inflicts +1 damage each strike. If this equipment prevents damage in combat, it can prevent 1 additional point. An equipment can have only one Blood Tempering.

As above, and unlock this vampire.


So do you get it ? The basic idea is to have a  good melee weapon, and improve it with Blood Tempering. As you see, the perfect vampire to play this card is Antara, with the 3 main disciplines of the deck and a real good capacity he fit perfectly. 

The trick is to find a cheap melee weapon, who can really be effective with Blood Tempering. The setup seems to be slow, but with the good sword, it's easy to enter combat to play Conceal Weapon , unlock with a Forced March or a Freak Drive and put some nasty blood on the knife! 

I choose Garrote , Meat Hook and Bundi , Bundi are purely a playgroup metagame addition because Immortal Grapple  is in fashion right now. And remember only hands Strikes with this cards. 

Garrote is deadly in the the hands of an Assamites, player can fear the upcoming  Baal's bloody Talons  but it's not in the deck , it's a Trick (Trap !).

I wanted to keep the Garrotes, but in order to make them more effective I add Strike at the True flesh and it's very strong with this melee (Wire ?).

Let's make some math :
Garrote + Blood Tempering = 2 damages.
Garrote/Blood Tempering + Strike at The True Flesh = 3 DAMAGES NOT PREVENTABLE (except by equipment or Strike).

So just hit with the Garrote , use additional strike to play the Strike at the True Flesh with the Garrote to torporize the opposing vampire and burn the it to destroy him.


Maybe play the Kali's Fang, but 3 pool  I don't know if it's worth it.
the 2 Meat Hook so fun, it can be useful because the deck don't have a lot of press.

In the crypt we have a double Janni and Joe 'Boot' Hill .


Janni with a Garrote  Blooded hits for 3, thanks to her special !  Same for Joe with his +1 Strengh. They both have inferior fortitude , who is enought to play Forced March.

The other composition of the deck is very standard, Fame  and Tension in the Rank are your pool damage.
But don't forget to bleed each turn with your Vampires.

Some advices  : 
- Trade your Rush actions , don't do them for free ! 
- You can replace the bundi by more Meat hook and it's bette to blooded them instead of Garrote.
- Don't hesitate to calm down your predator first, less he have vampires more you can go on your prey. It dosent matter if he or she died, trade with his ,her  predator the death of your Predator.
- Finally ---> Have Fun ! 

The Deck 

Crypt 12 
2x Janni                         
2x Joe "Boot" Hill         
4x Antara                      
1x Karif al Numair        
1x Michael diCarlo        
1x Monty Coven             
1x Sajid al Misbah           

Library: 82 cards

Master (13 cards)
2x Fame
1x Archon Investigation
1x Market Square
4x Priority Contract
2x Tension in the Ranks
3x Vessel

Action (14 cards)
4x Harass
2x Loss
5x Blood Tempering
3x Bum's Rush

Action Modifier (9 cards)
5x Forced March
4x Freak Drive

Combat (30 cards)
4x Psyche!
5x Pursuit
3x Selective Silence
6x Strike at the True Flesh
4x Taste of Vitae
2x Blur
6x Concealed Weapon

Retainer (2 cards)
1x Mr. Winthrop
1x Nar-Sheptha

Equipment (10 cards)
6x Garrote
2x Meat Hook
2x Bundi

Reaction (4 cards)
4x Black Sunrise

Ho merry Christmas and Happy baby bleed !  :) 

Thanks for reading.


Thanks to Amaranth Deck Builder for the link of the cards pictures.
Article picture come from Deviant art Artist MorbidIllusions .


24 December, 2019

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