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Hello there ! 

In this Article I want to share a deck-building walkthrough with you. The purpose is to make this deck more competitive. So your help is require please ! 

Here is my Temptation / TruJah deck i'm playing since a month :

Crypt (12 cards)
1x Elizabeth Dimitros 4 obf SER Follower of Set:3
1x Amisa 8 pre pro OBF SER Follower of Set:2
4x Sarrasine (ADV) 8 aus nec OBF PRE SER Follower of Set:2
5x Synesios 8 obf ser POT PRE TEM True Brujah:2
1x Celine Chevalier 3 obf ser Follower of Set:2

Library: 90 cards

Master (26 cards)
1x Giant's Blood
2x Heidelberg Castle, Germany
2x Jake Washington
1x Monastery of Shadows
1x Tabriz Assembly
3x Vessel
6x Wash
1x Wider View
1x Vampiric Disease
1x Retribution
6x Zillah's Valley
1x Crocodile Temple, The

Action (15 cards)
2x Frozen Object
4x Mind Numb
7x Temptation
2x Vaticination


Action Modifier (24 cards)
4x Forgotten Labyrinth
4x Lost in Crowds
1x Perfect Paragon
2x Tangle Atropos' Hand
4x Voter Captivation
9x Domain of Evernight

Political Action (14 cards)
5x Free States Rant
5x Kine Resources Contested
4x Parity Shift

Combat (4 cards)
4x Staredown

Equipment (1 cards)
1x Palatial Estate

Reaction (6 cards)
3x Lost in Translation
3x Rewind Time


So it's a version with Synesios, because Obfuscate  it's too good for this deck. I'm working a Nehemiah version ... but it will be for another walkthrough.

I went through Toolbox versions without voting, with voting, more Temptation, legendary Vampire, less Free state Rant . I even had a version with Ashur Tablets.

The latest old school addition was Heidelberg Castle, bye removing Gregory winter. I removed Carlton for 2 Vaticination. I even withdraw the Villeins because without blood Synesios can't play expensive cards. (Rewind time, lost In Translation)

This game is fun but hard to play, because any Stealth / bleed or fight deck hurts it very much. Likewise an Allies swarm deck too. By cons 6 Wash and 3 Rewind Time  I have a solid defense. Knowing that Wash works well with Synesios's special power. 

The strategy is ALWAYS play blood attrition on Vampire with a capacity above 4 before playing a Temptation. And don't hesitate to play it on Vampire controlling by "Allied" players, timing is everything here for the Game Win.

Always keeping Wash for blood gain like Vessel , Blood doll , The Rack or even an Hunting Ground.

Sarrasine can surprise player when he calls a Parity Shift.


This is some changes i'm considering after two games : 
- Removing the 3 lost in Translationsnever played them.
- Add a Protected Ressources and 1 or 2 Banishment for a better defense.
- Add more Vampiric Diseasethis cards can hurt the next Temptation target.
- Maybe more Vaticination , this card is under rated .
- Adding Amulet of Temporal Perception for Sarrasine , so he can play Summon History but must add Truth of a Thousand Lies  for him.


I'm going to play this version next week, we will see if it works.

Any feeback are welcome !

Thanks for reading.

17 December, 2019

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