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What a beautiful day
Hello there !

So who am i ? 

My name is ,  the short version , Rahma . But my nickname in the game is Synesios ,(And Nuckalavee too , on some forums) yes like the vampire card, but i got this nickname before the release of the Bloodlines expansion.

Fun fact started  ! 

Synesios was a bishop at nearly - 300 BC, he studied mathematics and astronomy with the great Hypatia.

But he was an alchemist too, knowned as Olympyadore. I was and I'm till fascinating by his duality and his capacity to be so religious and being a man of science. He studied everything about Egypt , culture and  science... Now you understand why our True Brujah Vampire Synesios got Serpentis and has been embraced by Shalmath himself. 

Synesios was a real scholar.

Ok fun fact over !

So more about me , I'm playing Vampire: The Eternal Struggle since end of 1994 and it was in Reunion Island it started  ! Let me show you where is it : 

Yes ! a little rock in the Indian Ocean , near Madagascar. And believe me , there were mighty and fiercely vampire players on this Island ! 

I love electronics and computer, i'm working in a retail Apple Store as a Technician and in a part time I do some support for some Blockchain and Crypto projects.

My hobbies  are Cards game, electronics and some Retro-Programming with my C64.

Ho and I LOVE RICE !!!! 

So how i started Vampire: The Eternal Struggle ? 

I was 16 and a friend older than me gave me 2 Jyhad boxes full of cards. He was in a playgroup of 7 players, so i was the 8, even today "F" still have my full recognition. He teach me my first Vampire lesson.
Without him , I will never knowed the game and met friends I still have today.

Learning Vampire was difficult because , english was not my native langage. Anyway a year later Dark Sovereign was released , our games was very intense at this time. Nasty Arika  ! 

And a year after, Ancient Heart !

Really I went crazy, The Assamites was released and i played with them during a long time, another player of the groupe "L" lend me the cards. My origins from my mother are Persian that's why I had a personal attachment for this clan.

I played during a long time Lasombra during the Sabbat , because Obtenebration was so attractive ! 

Second crush : Bloodline in 2001, at this moment I gathered all True Brujah vampires I can and all their Temporis cards.
I think I played all archetype with this clan , win and loose tournament with it , fight , vote and combo with them.

During my career of player , I have to left the game in 2009, making a long break.

So I played Magic and Wakfu TCG. I sold all my V:TES cards, except True Brujah relative cards ... I'm still regret this... But it's life you know ?

I get married in 2013, i'm father of a beautiful and smart  little girl who arrived in 2016. ( She love my C64)
My lovely Meryl

But during January 2017, for the new year , a friend of mine , maybe you know him ?  Serge "Orpheus" Cirri send me a message and said " Com'on bit** ! Happy new year first and secondly ,on monday VTES game at home ! YOU come play !" 
This is THE guy ! This is THE guy  ! Orpheus

I was confused, so i picked my old Deck box..Try to build something , and I choosed Mikael Birkholm. But damned ! No more Deer rifle , Bum's rush and Target Vitals ! So thanks Amaranth Deck builder because I printed nearly 60% of the deck as proxies. And the deck won a game this day.


What a beautiful ...gun !

And this is it , since this day I'm back in the game and i'm still learn something each time I'm playing.

Today I live in a small town near Paris and every Thursday there are a V:TES party in our local Shop Troll de Jeux. 

And I'm really happy to share my games experience with you on this Blog.


Rahma Aka Synesios/Nuckalavee

05 December, 2019

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